02 Jul 2022

Recruitment – What’s going on?

As we emerge blinking into the daylight of Level 2, many Kiwi’s are going to be looking for new positions, and perhaps wondering what the next phase of ‘normal’ looks like in their job search.

Looking at the data from TradeMe, we can see that a few industries are experiencing week-on-week growth :

  • Sales reps: +314% WoW

  • Chefs: +250% WoW

  • Administration: +100% WoW

  • Caregiving: +48% WoW

  • Building & carpentry: +23% WoW


As construction grinds into action across the country, we are expecting to see much more growth in the industry. In the Waikato specifically, there are a number of areas with numbers of listings growing steadily:

The sub-categories with the most new listings were:

  • Community and social services

  • Building and carpentry

  • Machine operators

  • Storepersons and warehousing

  • Warehouse and distribution


The sub-categories with the greatest increases in applications were:

  • Cleaning

  • Warehouse and distribution

  • Administration

  • Community and social services

  • Retail assistants

The market is going to be a changing beast for at least the next six months – year. If you’d like some advice on how to approach this new normal, contact us on 0800 EVEREST.